Healthcare purchasing

Agreements about the quality and price of healthcare
HollandZorg commits itself to excellent healthcare. We make agreements with care providers about the quality and price of healthcare.

Points to note for healthcare purchasing

When purchasing healthcare, we generally look at the following:

  • Sufficient healthcare
    Are there enough care providers available for all our insured?
  • Quality of healthcare
    Do care providers meet quality standards of, for instance, the Healthcare Inspectorate?
  • Effective healthcare
    Do care providers apply the national treatment guidelines and healthcare standards in their practices?
  • Customer input
    Do care providers use the input of their customers in their service provision?
  • Transparency
    Are care providers transparent about their ambitions and the way in which they wish to realise their service provision?
  • Suitable healthcare
    Does the healthcare suit our customers' demand for healthcare?

In addition to the points outlined above, we also keep an eye on the costs of healthcare purchasing. As we keep such a close eye on the costs when we purchase healthcare, we are able to keep the premium of our health insurance affordable.

Healthcare purchasing per care type

For more information about healthcare purchasing per care type, please make a selection from the menu on the left. This will tell you what we focus on when purchasing healthcare.