Oral care healthcare purchasing

Oral care is the collective term for various types of care, each with their own reimbursement schemes. A lot of care is reimbursed under the dental insurance. Only special dental care or oral care for youngsters up to the age of 18 is subject to reimbursement under the public healthcare insurance. Oral care provided by dental surgeons is also reimbursed under the public healthcare insurance most of the time.


The care reimbursed by HollandZorg is provided by dentists, oral hygienists, dental surgeons and special dental care centres. Sometimes a dentist will ask a dental prosthesis maker to produce implants.

1. Vision on healthcare

We enter into contracts with healthcare provides so as to guarantee they meet price and quality requirements. We also make agreements to reduce invoice traffic for you to the greatest possible extent. This means that the dentist will claim directly from us as much as possible, instead of sending the invoice to you. This often relates to dentists that are very popular among our insured.

2. How is the choice of freedom organised for the insured?

At HollandZorg, you are free to choose which care provider you want to use. If you use a care provider with whom we have concluded a contract, you will not have to advance the invoice. Your care provider will claim directly from us. If you have to pay some of the invoice, we will send you one. Use our Care Finder to find a care provider.

3. More information

We are happy to help you further by giving you information about care providers. If you have any questions or issues, please contact us. You can call HollandZorg on working days on +31 (0)570 687 123 or send an e-mail.