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A pharmacists or dispensing GP provides pharmaceutical care. There is also a thing such as Internet pharmacies. They provide medication just like any other pharmacy, but they do it via the Internet. In both cases, we refer to them as 'pharmacists'. Sometimes, pharmaceutical care is also provided by specialist organisations that administer injections at home, for instance.


Pharmaceutical care is more than just providing medication. The pharmacist provides assistance, as it were, in how medication is administered correctly. So if you have any questions or need advice about your medication, you can always go to the pharmacist. HollandZorg feels it is important for a pharmacist to inform you correctly about the effects of medication and the way it must be administered. We also like pharmacists to regularly talk to you about the use of your medication. He is the custodian of your medication history. In order to be able to carry out his duties correctly, it is vital he is aware of your state of health and medicine use. We therefore recommend using a single pharmacist for the provision of medication and to tell that pharmacist if you have received medication through a different pharmacy.

1. Vision on healthcare

1.1 Why do we enter into contracts?

HollandZorg does not have a preference policy. We do make agreements with pharmacists in order to be able to guarantee affordable quality healthcare. The motto is: inexpensive whenever possible, expensive whenever it is required.


We enter into contracts with healthcare provides so as to guarantee they meet the basic quality requirements. So a certain pharmacist may not have or does not want a contract with us. In that case, we apply maximum reimbursements for medication and for the pharmacy's performance.


In addition, we try to keep administrative tasks to a minimum. This means that the pharmacist claims expenses directly from us to the greatest possible extent. This will not always be possible with reimbursements under the supplementary insurance. 

1.2 Points to note when purchasing


No preference policy

Under the preference policy, the healthcare insurer indicates which medication a pharmacy must provide in the event of multiple medicines with similar effects. As someone who is insured with HollandZorg, you do not have to worry about such a preference policy. It means that we allow pharmacists to select the medication that best suits your situation. In other words, the GP prescribes a medicine on the basis of the active ingredients and the pharmacist selects the correct medication.


An affordable provision of medication

We make agreements with pharmacies about maximum reimbursements. Medication can be no more than five percent more expensive than the most inexpensive version with the same active ingredient. In practice, this means that nearly every generic medicine is reimbursed in full. When the pharmacist still gives a more expensive medicine, he cannot charge us for more than the bandwidth of five percent. This enables us to reduce the rise in costs of medication and keep your health insurance premium affordable.


Are you dependent on a (often more expensive) brand drug for medical reasons? It will be reimbursed in full if your physician prescribes this specific medicine and states 'M.N.' on the prescription.


Quality of care

Pharmacists who wish to be contracted by HollandZorg have to meet a number of criteria. Pharmacies have to meet at least the statutory requirements of the Healthcare Inspectorate, for instance ( The contracts with pharmacists (regional and national) state that they provide healthcare in accordance with the Dutch


Pharmacy Standard (NAN), the Professional Statute for Public Pharmacists and hospital pharmacist of the Royal Dutch Association for the Advancement of Pharmacy (KNMP).


We also hold consultations with pharmacies about an additional quality policy. Subjects include the quality of the provision of healthcare (what do you think of the information about the medication you are given) and the organisation of the pharmacy (including how you are treated, the layout and the way in which they deal with privacy).


HollandZorg feels it is important for a pharmacy to be certified. A certified pharmacy is regularly checked for the quality of its service provision and organisation. Such checks are carried out by an independent institute.

2. How is this choice of freedom organised for the insured?

You, the insured, are free to choose which pharmacy you want to use. HollandZorg concludes contracts for pharmaceutical care with pharmacists and dispensing GPs in the Deventer region. Outside that region, Multizorg concludes those contracts on our behalf. Multizorg is a joint venture of a number of care providers.


In principle, it is up to you where you get your medication from. We do want to advise you to use the same pharmacy all the time. When, occasionally, you go to a different pharmacy, it will notify your own pharmacy. This notification states which medication you got. This will keep your medication history up-to-date.

For more information, go to 'where to find' on the reimbursement of medicinal care page.

3. Special/innovative agreements

In addition to the existing service provisions of pharmacies, we can make arrangements about additional services. For instance, HollandZorg has made agreements about obtaining a certificate (quality mark), the efficient delivery of medication and the best possible collaboration with those GPs who generate the most prescriptions for the pharmacy. 

4. More information

We are happy to help you further by giving you information about care providers. If you have any questions or issues, please contact us. You can call HollandZorg on working days on +31 (0)570 687 123 or send an e-mail.

Are you looking for a different pharmacist nearby? Find a pharmacist using our Care Finder.

4.1 Do you have a complaint about your pharmacy?

If you have a complaint about your pharmacist, please, first discuss it with the controlling pharmacist. If you are unable to resolve the matter, you may decide to go to a different pharmacist near you. You can also lodge a complaint. Your pharmacist can inform you of your options. You can also submit your complaint to:


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Telephone: (06) 22 92 16 49


Klachtencommissie Openbare Apotheek
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