Collaboration FlexCom4 and HollandZorg

Health insurance continues when an agency worker falls ill
Do you provide your foreign employee with the health insurance of HollandZorg and he falls ill? When you have an insurance contract with FlexCom4 for own-risk bearer status under the Sickness Benefits Act, the HollandZorg health insurance for the agency worker will continue. FlexCom4 collects the healthcare premium from the sickness benefit. The advantage for the agency worker is the same premium is paid as that when he is at work, with the same healthcare provision.

Temporary employment contracts, illness and health insurance

A lot of foreign agency workers who work in the Netherlands have concluded a temporary employment contract with a temporary employment clause with the employment agency. If that is the case, when an agency worker calls in sick, his employment contract and the group health insurance are automatically terminated. Registration, deregistration and premium collection of the health insurance are all linked to working via the employment agency. The insured should individually register with a healthcare insurer from the agency worker's first day of illness.

Own-risk bearer status under the Sickness Benefits Act

When an agency worker falls ill, the employment agency often reports this to the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) and the employee leaves the employment. However, the employment agency may opt for own-risk bearer status under the Sickness Benefits Act. Due to the rising premium for the Sickness Benefits Act, an increasing number of employment agencies assume own-risk bearer status. The activities within the framework of own-risk bearer status under the Sickness Benefits Act can be outsourced to an insurer. FlexCom4 is the ultimate absenteeism specialist in the temporary employment sector.

FlexCom4 takes over premium collections when agency worker falls ill

For temporary employment organisations insured with FlexCom4, the latter will take over the entire process from the UWV. That means that FlexCom4, in addition to assistance, reintegration and case management, also ensures that the sickness benefits are paid to the agency worker. Thanks to the collaboration between HollandZorg and FlexCom4, the health insurance with HollandZorg continues for agency workers who fall ill. FlexCom4 collects the premium from the sickness benefit and, and this is very important, it continues to apply the same healthcare premium for the agency worker as that applied by the employment agency.

More information

For more information about this collaboration, employment agencies can contact:

Hans Muurmans of FlexCom4, telephone: +31 (0)6 307 370 02
Dirk Schonewille of HollandZorg, telephone: +31 (0)570 687 120