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There are various documents for the HollandZorg zorgverzekering, such as the insurance terms and conditions and forms. Almost all documents are available in Dutch and English. We have also made translations of a large number of documents. On this page you will find the Dutch documents and the available translations.

HollandZorg documents


Relevant information when you come to work in the Netherlands

You will find a lot of useful information about living and working in the Netherlands online:

  • information about working and living in the Netherlands. Under the theme 'Care' you will find, among other things, everything you need to know about taking out health insurance. The website is also available in English, Polish and Romanian.
  • Coming to the Netherlands for work: what should I arrange? (, also available in English)
  • New in the Netherlands (, also available in English): information about living, working, taxes, registration in the Basic Registration of Persons (BRP), health care and enrolment in schools.