General practitioner care

Reimbursement HollandZorg healthcare insurance 2020

  1. What is general practitioner care?
  2. Reimbursement for general practitioner care in 2020
  3. No statutory personal contribution
  4. No policy excess
  5. Who will you be able to approach?

Please note: the information provided on this page is a summary of the reimbursement applicable. You will only be able to derive rights from the HollandZorg Conditions of Insurance (pdf).

1. What is general practitioner care?

General practitioner care is the care that general practitioners generally provide. General practitioner care does not include the preventive flue jab. Laboratory testing in a hospital or independent laboratory at the request of a general practitioner is not included in the care either.

2. Reimbursement for general practitioner care in 2020

Under HollandZorg public healthcare insurance, you will qualify for the reimbursement of the costs of general practitioner care:


Public Healthcare Insurance Reimbursement 
HollandZorg public healthcare insurance 100%


Supplementary Insurance                   Reimbursement 
Start none
Extra none
Plus none
Top none
No Risk I none
No Risk II none

3. No statutory personal contribution

You will not be subject to a statutory personal contribution for general practitioner care.

4. No policy excess

The costs of general practitioner care will not count towards your policy excess.

Have you decided to have a doctor's (or general practitioner's) examination done by others and will the costs of this examination be charged for separately? These costs may fall under the compulsory policy excess. This is possible for (laboratory) tests, for example.

5. Who may provide this type of care?

You may approach general practitioners for general practitioner care. The general practitioner can work autonomous or at a general practitioner service (GP out-ofhours surgery), a GP centre or care group. Another person can provide the care under the responsibility of the general practitioner. For example a nurse practitioner (POH).


Use our Care Guide to find a care provider near you. For more information, contact customer services on +31(0)570 687 123. Our expert employees will be pleased to help you.


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