Integrated care

Reimbursement healthcare insurance 2020

  1. What does integrated care include?
  2. Referral required for integrated care
  3. Reimbursement for integrated care in 2020
  4. No statutory personal contribution
  5. Policy excess
  6. Where can you go?

Note: the information on this page gives an abbreviated outline of the reimbursement provided. You can only derive any rights from our insurance conditions (pdf).

1. What does integrated care include?

Integrated care can be available to people aged 18 and older with Diabetes Mellitus type II, for vascular risk management, for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma.

2. A referral is required for integrated care

You need a referral from a general practitioner or medical specialist for integrated care.

3. Reimbursement for integrated care in 2020

Your public health care insurance entitles you to the reimbursement of costs in connection with integrated care.


Public Healthcare Insurance Reimbursement 
HollandZorg public healthcare insurance 100% for a contracted care group


Supplementary Insurance Reimbursement 
Start none
Extra none
Plus none
Top none
No Risk I none
No Risk II none

4. No statutory personal contribution

There is no statutory personal contribution for integrated care.

5. No policy excess

The costs are not counted for the compulsory and voluntary excess. The compulsory and, if applicable, voluntary excess do include the costs of any (laboratory) testing in a hospital or independent laboratory at the request of a general practitioner.

6. Where can you go?

The following care providers are permitted to provide this type of care:

  • a contracted care group;
  • a care provider who is listed for providing general practitioner care, preventive foot care and dietetics, each for the relevant part of the clinical pathway. This is subject to the condition that the clinical pathway concerns 'separately' contracted care providers. The coordination and organisation are financed on the basis of a 'per capita tariff'.

Use our care guide to find a contracted care group in your neighbourhood. Or call the Care Advise Line +31(0)570 687 123. Our expertly trained staff will be pleased to help you on your way.

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