HollandZorg Top

Our most complete supplementary insurance

The HollandZorg Top plan offers supplementary insurance cover to the compulsory Dutch public health insurance. Top is our most complete supplementary plan, offering many extra reimbursements. You will only be paying € 40,95 per month for this supplementary insurance.

As of Jan. 1, 2023, you can purchase or change supplemental and or dental insurance. Would you like to purchase insurance now? Then you can add supplementary and or dental insurance to your package as of January 1.


Our Top insurance plan covers: 

The HollandZorg Top offers comprehensive cover for medical costs such as:

  • Alternative treatment and medicines: maximum of €550,- per calender year
  • Glasses and contact lenses: maximum of € 150,- per two calendar years
  • Physiotherapy and remedial therapy: 25 sessions per calendar year, of which a maximum of 9 sessions manual therapy
  • Contraceptives: 100%
  • Prevention, such as health courses: 75% up to a maximum of € 150,- per calendar year
  • Childcare when hospitalised: a maximum of € 20,- per day from the eleventh day of admission for a maximum of three months per calendar year
  • Stay in guest house, such as Ronald McDonald: a maximum of € 25,- per day up to a maximum of € 500,- per calendar year
  • Maternity care: 60% from personal contribution
  • Antenatal classes: a maximum of € 100,- per pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding advice and guidance: a maximum of € 150 per delivery

For a complete overview, please view our reimbursements page or read our insurance conditions.