Good to know

The most important information about your HollandZorg health insurance:


If you are registered at a Dutch address, we don’t need any further information.

If you are working in the Netherlands, please send us a copy of your contract or a payslip not older than one month.

If you are receiving unemployment or disability benefit from the UWV, please send us a copy of the decision from the UWV granting you this benefit and your most recent payment specification.

If you are self-employed but live abroad, please send us a Long-Term Care Act (Wlz) declaration from the Sociale Verzekeringsbank.

If you are a student and have an income from a job or internship, please send us a copy of your contract and a payslip not older than 1 month.

When you come to live in the Netherlands, you register at the town hall. From that date, you must arrange public health insurance.

When you come to work in the Netherlands, you must arrange public health insurance from the day your contract starts. We therefore ask you to send us your contract so we can establish the right start date of your insurance.

The Dutch government gives you four months in which to apply for health insurance. If you apply within those four months, the start date of the insurance will be the date you registered at the town hall or the date your contract started. If you apply for health insurance after those four months, your insurance will start on the day you applied. That means that you won’t have been insured since the date you registered at the town hall.

10 working days at the latest after we have established that you owe two or more months payments for your basic insurance, we will offer you (insurance holder) a repayment plan.

If we process your registration retroactively, you may immediately owe payment for (more than) 2 months.

As an insurance holder, you may always call us or write to us requesting a payment plan.

If you have premium payments that are more than 2 months overdue and you have not paid in response to a reminder, the insurance will be terminated. The termination date will be given in the reminder letter. This is always the 1st of the following month. The whole policy will be terminated.

You may re-apply for insurance once you have paid all the debt or at least two monthly premiums.

In the case of a retroactive registration, an invoice for several monthly premiums may become due. If this invoice is again unpaid, the termination process will be repeated. It is therefore very important to enter into a payment plan immediately.

At least once a year, we check whether you are still entitled to health insurance. We will then send you another letter requesting information proving that you are still entitled to insurance. If we don’t receive a reply, we will cancel your health insurance. You will then receive another letter from us. You can then register again via our website, with the documents we need to establish your entitlement.

If you wish to make any changes to your personal or address details, these details must also be known in the Key Register of Persons (BRP) or the Key Register of Non-Residents (RNI).

If you have moved to a new address in the Netherlands, you don’t need to let us know. The municipality will notify us.

Do you want to cancel your basic insurance with HollandZorg because your contract with your employer has ended? If so, you may do this in writing or by e-mail. Always send us a copy of your letter of resignation or your last payslip showing an end date.

Are you emigrating? To be able to process your cancellation, please deregister at the Population Affairs department in the municipality you live in or have lived in. You can then send us a copy of your deregistration with a request to cancel your policy.