Travel expenses incurred when visiting a patient

If you have been admitted as a patient to a hospital, members of your family will be able to visit you. They will be able to use their own transport to transport them to the hospital.


The travel expenses may consist of the cost of fuel (petrol), public transport or taxi costs.

When will you qualify for reimbursement?

The following conditions apply to the reimbursement of travel expenses incurred when visiting a patient:

  • The family member that visits you as a patient will live at the same address as you and is also insured at HollandZorg.
  • You will have been admitted to a hospital in the Netherlands for more than 14 consecutive days. The right to reimbursement will commence on the 15th consecutive day on which you have been admitted to a hospital in the Netherlands.
  • You are receiving care that will be reimbursed under the public healthcare insurance (in part).

The distance between your home address and the hospital will be a minimum of 40 kilometres*.
*) We will calculate the number of kilometres on the basis of the fastest route according to the ANWB route planner.

Reimbursement for travel expenses incurred visiting a patient

Under our supplementary insurance Top, you qualify for reimbursement of a maximum of three patient visits per week.
Public Healthcare Insurance Reimbursement
HollandZorg public healthcare insurance none
Supplementary insurance Reimbursement
Start none
Extra none
Plus none
Top € 0,30 per kilometre to a maximum of € 300,- per calendar year
No Risk I none
No Risk II none

Personal contribution

We will reimburse €0,30 per kilometre to a maximum of €300,- per calendar year. Will you incur costs that are higher than our maximum reimbursement? In this situation, you will pay the difference yourself.

No policy excess

There will be no policy excess for reimbursement under the supplementary insurance.

Who can you approach?

You will be able to use your own car or a taxi or public transport.

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The information on this page is a brief outline of the reimbursement. You can only derive rights from our insurance conditions.

More information

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