Questions and answers on My HollandZorg

We have listed the frequently asked questions about My HollandZorg for you. Do you have a different question and can't find the information on our website? Feel free to contact our Cutomer Service Centre.


My HollandZorg is your personal online environment where you can download your policy schedule and digital EHIC. If your contact details changes, you can change these in My HollandZorg.



You can log in safely using your e-mail address, password and a E-code you will receive in a text message on your phone.

To log in to My HollandZorg, you first need to register once. For this, you can use your telephone and relation number. Also you need your BSN.


If you have a Dutch telephone number, first fill in the country code of the Netherlands and then the telephone number without the first '0'. Thus: +316xxxxxx.
If you have a Polish telephone number, first enter the country code for Poland and then the telephone number without the first '0'. Thus: +4812xxxxxxx.

After you have entered your telephone number, you will receive an E-code by SMS on your phone. Fill in this E-code and your registration is ready. You can now log in.



At the start of your health insurance, you received an email from us stating your relation number. Your relation number is also stated on your policy schedule.
Your relation number is a unique number that does not change. Your policy number does change when you take out new health insurance with us.

You must first register once before you can log in. At the question "how do I log in" you will find more information about this.

Did you already register but do not receive an E-code on your phone when logging in? Please try again later.

Mijn HollandZorg can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will inform you of any maintenance work or faults via our website.

No, using Mijn HollandZorg is free of charge.

Unfortunately, we are unable to grant you access to My HollandZorg without agreeing to the conditions of Use (pdf).


The conditions of use describe the rules applicable to using My HollandZorg. The conditions of use form an integrated part of My HollandZorg. You can only use your personal, secured environment by accepting these conditions.

You cannot use My HollandZorg in the following cases:

  • You do not have health insurance with HollandZorg or you ended your basic health insurance and supplementary insurance more than a year ago. When your basic health insurance and supplementary insurance are about to expire, you will retain access for one year after the last basic health insurance or supplementary insurance has ended.

  • Our records indicate you are a person who belongs to a vulnerable group. In that case, privacy reasons prevent you from accessing My HollandZorg. For further information, please call our Customer Services on +31 (0) 570 687 123.