Supplementary insurances

Extra cover in addition to that of the public healthcare insurance

For care not covered in the public healthcare insurance, you can take out a supplementary insurance. With HollandZorg, you can choose from four additional insurances and two dental insurances. The choice of your insurance depends on your personal situation.

Why have a supplementary insurance?

  • many extra reimbursements at an attractive premium;
  • children also insured free of charge;
  • it is possible to take out only a dental insurance.

Our supplementary insurances

Look at the reimbursements and choose the supplementary insurance that suits you best.

  Supplementary insurance Premium per month*
Extra security for people who hardly use care services if at all Start € 5,85
Supplementary insurance with extra reimbursements for physiotherapy and alternative medicines and medicine, among other things Extra € 9,-
Comprehensive supplementary insurance for people with children or a wish to have children. Or people who want extensive reimbursements for physiotherapy and prevention Plus € 21,50
The most extensive healthcare insurance for those who frequently use care services and prefer not to be faced with unpleasant financial surprises Top € 40,95

Taking out a supplementary insurance

Because of our arrangements with Oranjegroep, you can benefit from a 10% discount on your supplementary insurances with HollandZorg.

Your benefit!

  • 5% discount on public healthcare insurance
  • 10% discount on supplementary insurance
  • 10% discount on dental insurance