Care purchasing

Agreements with care providers

HollandZorg is committed to excellent care. We make agreements with care providers about the quality of care, accessibility and the price of care. This is laid down in a contract.

Care purchasing policy

HollandZorg is part of Eno Zorgverzekeraar. You will find our health insurance policy and the principles of this policy on the Eno website.

What we look for in healthcare purchasing

In general, we look at the following points when purchasing care:
  • Affordability
    When purchasing care, we pay attention to the costs in order to keep the premium of your health insurance affordable.

  • Quality
    The care we purchase meets the applicable quality requirements and standards from the professional groups.

  • Appropriate care
    We find it important that the care we purchase contributes to the quality of life. By focusing on the actual needs of the patient, we strive to prevent unnecessary medical care and to better support patients.

  • Accessibility of care
    We ensure that sufficient care has been purchased so that insured persons can receive care in a timely manner and make use of care mediation.

  • Reducing the administrative burden
    We keep the administrative burden for care providers as low as possible. We do this, for example, by concluding multi-year agreements.

  • Transparency of the healthcare procurement process
    Our policy and purchasing process is transparent for healthcare providers and providers know how to contact us.

The right care in the right place

In addition, in the coming years we will specifically focus on the Right Care in the Right Place and Digitization & Innovation in our healthcare procurement policy. Examples include transferring care from second-line to first-line care and agreements on health and prevention.


In digitization, we believe that the patient's right to choose is the starting point: digitally where possible, physically where necessary - but always in consultation with the patient and his or her next of kin (shared decision-making). We are also committed to a national healthcare infrastructure to improve healthcare communication and data exchange.


We are open to innovations to improve care. You can read more about this on the Eno website. There you will also find the care purchasing policy per type of care and the way in which we involve our members in the development of our care purchasing policy.

You can see which care providers we have contracts with in our Care Guide.