Werkgevers zorgverzekering

Collective health insurance for migrant workers

A fitting health insurance without compulsory excess. Your administration is done digitally and is quick and easy.

Werkgevers zorgverzekering

Healthcare administration is quick and easy!

Connect your salary package or use the employer's portal

No need to send documents

At HollandZorg migrant workers have their own digital dossier.

We will inform the migrant worker

About health care and health care insurance in the Netherlands as well as Covid-19.

Flex policy

Health insurance

Although migrant workers typically work in the Netherlands temporarily, you still want them to be properly insured. The flex policy basic insurance covers the most neccessary healthcare, such as general practicioner care and hospitalization.

Supplementary coverage

No compulsory excess

The € 385,- compulsory excess is covered by the supplementary insurance. There is no voluntary excess. The personal contribution for medicine is also covered.

Repatriation in Europe

We will arrange repatriation for you within Europe when this is neccessary for medical reasons. Emergency dental care is covered to € 200,-.

Our healthcare insurance

Matched to the needs and priorities of migrant workers.

Excellent service

Focussed on administrative ease, sharing knowledge and good communication.

160 years of experience

HollandZorg has more than 160 years of experience and has been the market leader for health insurance for migrant workers for 15 years.