With the HollandZorg Special Temporary Employment Policy:

  • You are choosing the market leader in the Netherlands for insuring foreign agency staff
  • You get the most essential care reimbursed, such as hospital admissions, emergency care and care from a GP
  • You can obtain care throughout the Netherlands (provided the care provider complies with our quality requirements)
  • You will receive fast and good care

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Do you live in an EU/EEA or treaty country and do you work exclusively in the Netherlands? If so, you are obliged by law to take out healthcare insurance with a Dutch healthcare insurer. Since in many cases the costs of care in the Netherlands are higher than in your home country, taking out healthcare insurance is absolutely not a luxury.

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If you submit the form S1/E106 in your home country, you have the option of including any family members under your insurance cover. This entitles your family members to services in relation to illness and maternity in accordance with the social health insurance of your home country. For yourself, registration in your home country avoids problems if you fall ill and require care when in your home country.

HollandZorg is an innovative health insurance


Therefore we continue to develop our products and services constantly.

In consultation with our customers and the industry associations and ABU NBBU we join forces to organize.

Ensure the care of migrants flex as well and efficiently as possible To create each customer HollandZorg FREE use of the Employer Portal, which many administrative convenience and benefit is offered.


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