health insurance for international workers covering all bases

Health insurance for international workers and expats

Whether you are an empoyer looking to insure your international workers collectively, or you are an individual working in the Netherlands, HollandZorg has you covered. We offer a health insurance plans that suit your needs. We worry about every detail, so you don't have to.
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health insurance for international workers covering all bases

I need health insurance

HollandZorg health insurance is made for international workers and expats, living or working in the Netherlands.

I am an employer

Are you an employer in need of health insurance for your international workers? HollandZorg insurance is easy to organise and comprehensive. 

Business portal

In our business portal, you can efficiently register and deregister your employees for health insurance.

Are you a patient at a Co-Med GP practice?

GP chain Co-Med was declared bankrupt on 5 July 2024. As all Dutch health insurers together already offered an alternative solution for patients after they terminated the contract with Co-Med earlier, nothing changes for patients with this bankruptcy. The contract with Co-Med was terminated earlier because Co-Med could not guarantee continuity of good care. Patients can still use the alternative solutions by practice.

Do you need care from a GP?

On a special webpage of all health insurers you can read where to go. Here you will find the most up-to-date information.