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About HollandZorg

There are no limits to assurance
HollandZorg is the specialist in (health) insurances for people who temporarily come to the Netherlands to work. Our health insurances have been specially developed for you, including extra benefits and multilingual service. In addition, HollandZorg represents the best possible service. That is the unlimited assurance provided by HollandZorg!

Part of Eno

HollandZorg forms part of Eno, a modern service provider that puts its customers' health first in all its ideas and actions. Eno is the new name for the Salland cooperative, which was incorporated in 1860. We have been focusing on people and their personal situations for more than 150 years now. It's in our genes. Salland Zorgverzekeringen and Salland ZorgDirect also fall under the services provided by Eno.


Please visit the Eno website for vacancies, our investment policy, fraud policy and information for care providers.