Migrant worker in the flower industry

Our mission

Whether it concerns foreigners working in the Netherlands or Dutch people anywhere in the world, HollandZorg cares. Thanks to its unique global insurance expertise and committed partnership, HollandZorg represents the best possible service and low-threshold procedures. HollandZorg relieves you from all your cross-border insurance issues. That is the unlimited assurance provided by HollandZorg.
Migrant worker in the cut flower industry

Our vision

The dynamics are clear: distances get shorter, ambitions and careers simply transgress borders. Gaining knowledge, contacts and developments is no longer restricted to your home country: there are opportunities everywhere.

That is why the world is our stage. We fly off, move our horizons. Literally but also figuratively, thanks to the unlimited scope of the Internet. People and organisations go out to explore new opportunities to further develop themselves. Exciting, interesting and challenging. But don't forget that everything in that dynamic world still revolves around people. And people tend to look for certain beacons, securities. That is where HollandZorg comes into play. Your specialist partner who offers you, your people and their families unlimited assurance in this world.