Current information on the Business Portal

Due to maintenance, we may occasionally need to close the portal. The next planned maintenance is scheduled for:

  • Friday 19th of April, 19.00 until Saturday 20th of April 13.00
  • Thursday 23rd of May 19.00 until 22.30
  • Friday 24th of May 19.00 until Saturday 25th of May 13.00

The portal will be out of service at these times. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Emergencies during closure of the Business Portal

If your employee needs care, but you haven't been able to register them yet, you can apply for temporary proof of insurance with our Policy Department via +31 (0)570 687 460. You can reach us Monday to Friday, 8.30 until 17.00.

Even if we cannot be reached, healthcare is available to your employee in case of an emergency. Please ensure your employee brings their BSN and proof of ID. We will reimburse any costs incurred afterwards, as long as your employee has a right to reimbursement according to our terms and conditions. You can register the employee as soon as the portal is back online. 

Is your employee insured with us, but has no proof of insurance to hand when visiting a health carer? Healthcare providers are able to check if someone's insurance is valid. Please ensure your employee brings their BSN and proof of ID.