HollandZorg specialises in Dutch health insurance for international workers like builders

HollandZorg basic health insurance

In the Netherlands, health insurance with basic cover is obligatory for all who work or live here.

HollandZorg specialises in Dutch health insurance for international workers like builder

Are you living or working in the Netherlands? In most cases, you are obliged to take out basic health insurance. This insurance plan provides cover for basic healthcare treatments, such as hospitalisation, emergency care and GP visits. 

Benefits of HollandZorg basic health insurance

  • HollandZorg provides all communication and insurance documents in English
  • Most invoices from care providers are sent directly to HollandZorg, so you won't have to pay anything upfront
  • Those working in Holland and living abroad are covered for healthcare in their country of residence
We accept everyone who applies for our basic healthcare plan. You can always come to us!

Our premium for basic health insurance Netherlands

In 2024, the premium for the HollandZorg basic health insurance Netherlands is € 149,50 per month. The premium applies to all individuals aged 18 or over, who are obliged to be insured.

HollandZorg basic health insurance cover

With a HollandZorg basic health insurance policy, you are entitled to most basic healthcare. The HollandZorg basic health insurance policy is a combination policy. This means that in most cases, we will health care providers for your care directly. Read more about the combination policy.

The Dutch basic healthcare insurance plan covers the costs of, among other things:

  • General practitioner care
  • Specialist care
  •  Emergency help

You can find all public healthcare insurance reimbursements on our reimbursements page.

Additional medical costs 

When you need healthcare covered by the basic healthcare insurance, you may have to pay a compulsory excess and/or a statutory personal contribution. In that case, you are contributing to the costs of healthcare. Our online reimbursement schedule for health insurance shows, for each type of care, if you have to pay an excess or personal contribution.