Our privacy policy concerns the way we handle personal data at HollandZorg. The Personal Data Protection Act defines personal data as all data regarding an identified or identifiable natural person. These include your name and address, but can also include details concerning your health.

Privacy regulations

The HollandZorg Privacy Regulations apply to the processing of your personal data. They give a detailed description of how to handle personal data. They also tell you what you can do if you feel we handle your personal data carelessly or unlawfully. Below is a general explanation of our privacy policy.

Dutch Personal Data Protection Authority register

We have registered our processing of your personal data with the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (AP). You can find our registration in the AP's public personal data protection act register.

How does HollandZorg obtain your personal data?


We obtain your personal data in various ways, for example when you visit our website, when you contact us and when you take out insurance with us or are insured by us. We also receive your personal data when a care provider declares the cost of care you have received directly to us.

Why does HollandZorg collect your personal data?

The main reason for collecting and using your personal data is to enable us to be of better service to you. It is often necessary for us to have your personal data, for example for effecting a health insurance or processing invoices. We also collect your personal data to let you know about our products. We may collect your personal data when recording conversations while we are training our personnel.

Which personal data does HollandZorg collect?

We collect and use those personal data necessary for effecting and executing an insurance. These include the name, address and bank account number of the person taking out the insurance, the policy holder, but also the name, CSN and address of the person insured pursuant to that insurance, the insured party.

We also collect the data you supply when completing a form at our website. The next time you visit our website from the same computer, you need not enter those data again.

How does HollandZorg use your personal data?

We attach great importance to the careful use of your personal data. By physical means, but also through administrative and technical procedures we take the necessary measures to ensure that your personal data are protected against loss, theft and misuse, such as unauthorised access, publication, alteration and destruction of your data.


We handle data regarding your health with extra care. These are processed under the direct responsibility of the medical advisor. The medical advisor is bound by the professional secrecy obligation. A similar secrecy obligation applies to those personnel who, under the responsibility of the medical advisor, have access to these personal data within the framework of their function.


We use cookies. A cookie is a small file saved to your computer when you visit our website. A cookie only contains a unique number. This allows us to recognise your computer (or smartphone, tablet, etc.) when you visit the website again. By using cookies, we are able to adjust the site to your wishes even better. Would you rather we not use cookies? This preference can be found in the settings screen for most browsers.
Since 2012, the user's consent is required in order to use cookies. We are working on adjusting our website to request this approval. This does not apply to so-called functional cookies, which are solely required for the normal operation of the website.


When reimbursing claims covered by your insurance, we may pay the care provider directly. This is a quicker and easier way to reimburse expenses. In order to submit your claims, your care giver will need to know where you are insured. The national internetportal VECOZO (Secure Communication in Health Care) facilitates this. Your health care provider can access your address details via VECOZO once you have agreed to this with your health care provider. Claims can also be submitted electronically through VECOZO.

Personal information of vulnerable groups

You may find yourself in a situation in which your personal details need extra protection. For instance, information about the address of a shelter for the homeless. If you think you are in this position, then you can inform us of this. If we feel that your opinion is justified, then we can take extra measures to protect your personal information. This may mean that health care providers will no longer have access to information about your address.


HollandZorg is a trade name of Eno Zorgverzekeraar N.V. (KvK [Chambers of Commerce] 08147983), Eno Aanvullende Verzekeringen N.V. (KvK 08147954) and Eno Zorg B.V. (KvK 38020130).