Reimbursements HollandZorg Flexpolis

Reimbursement schedule

The HollandZorg Flexpolis is a special health insurance for foreign employees. There are two options: the No Risk I and the No Risk II. This page gives you a brief overview of the reimbursements for those policies.

Read the Flexpolis insurance conditions (PDF), for extensive conditions and sums insured.


Reimbursement for emergency dental treatment

This reimbursement pays towards the costs of emergency dental treatment in the Netherlands. For example: emergency consultations, emergency fillings, anaesthetic, extractions and X-rays. Treatment must be required as an emergency. Such care is intended to alleviate acute pain and ensure sufficient chewing capacity. For a complete overview download list emergency treatments dental care (PDF).

A dental overhaul is not urgent care.

Emergency dental treatment
No Risk I  
No Risk II
maximum of € 200,- per calender year

Reimbursement for transport of the deceaseds body

The reimbursement of the costs of transporting the insured's body from the place of death to the country of origin and the organisation of transport. Transportation is defined as: the costs of the transport itself and the additional costs necessary for transport, such as compulsory embalming and a transport coffin. Both the place of death and the country of origin must be in geographical Europe.

HollandZorg zorg takes care of everything. You can contact us on telephonenumber: +31 (0)570 687 110.

Transportation under no circumstances includes lying in state and the funeral service

Transportation of the deceased's body Reimbursement
No Risk I
No Risk II
100% if coordinated by the Emergency Centre

Reimbursement of excess as defined in the health insurance
The reimbursement of the costs for the compulsory excess for healthcare under the public healthcare insurance.
Cover for compulsory excess Reimbursement
No Risk I 100%
No Risk II