HollandZorg Flexpolis No Risk II

The HollandZorg No Risk II is designed for foreign employees who are in the Netherlands on a temporary basis. With this supplementary insurance, the insured is entitled to emergency dental treatment in the Netherlands and to repatriation in the event of illness or death. The No Risk II Temporary Employment Policy for your foreign employees is available at a competitive (daily) premium. Only in combination with No Risk I.

Reimbursements Flexpolis

  No Risk II
Emergency dental care in the Netherlands  maximum of € 200 per calender year
Worldwide repatriation (transport home) when medically necessary 100%
Worldwide repatriation (transport home) in the event of death maximum € 15,000 if coordinated by the Emergency Centre
Reimbursement of statutory personal contribution for medicines of € 250 100%

For more information, please view our reimbursement pages or read our insurance conditions.

No Risk II: only via the employer

The HollandZorg No Risk II is a group health insurance for your foreign employees. The insurance can only be concluded in combination with the HollandZorg basic health insurance and No Risk I packages. Do you want to offer your foreign employees the HollandZorg No Risk I and II Flexpolis Policy? Ask for a no-obligation proposal online, or contact us for more information. Call +31 (0)570 687 120 or use the online contact form.

More information for your employees

Especially for your foreign employees, we have developed a leaflet about the HollandZorg No Risk plan. The flyer is available in Dutch, English, Polish and Romanian.