Health insurance for foreign employees

Temporary health insurance for foreigners

Foreign employees who temporarily come to the Netherlands to work are in most cases also obliged to take out Dutch health insurance.  As healthcare insurer, HollandZorg specialises in temporary health insurance for foreign employees. If you take out health insurance for your foreign employee via HollandZorg, both you and your employee will enjoy many benefits.

Benefits for you, the employer

  • Simple administration via the employer's portal
  • Online registration and deregistration of employees
  • Health insurance cards and policy documents received within five working days
  • Digital subsequent monthly invoicing

Benefits for your foreign employee

  • Compliance with obligation to take out insurance
  • Excellent health insurance at a competitive premium
  • Automatic premium payments via the salary

Compulsory health insurance: HollandZorg public healthcare insurance

The HollandZorg public healthcare insurance is the compulsory health insurance in the Netherlands. Public healthcare insurance gives insured the right to the most necessary healthcare, such as general practitioner care, hospitalisation and emergency care.

Supplementary insurance: HollandZorg Temporary Employment Policy

With supplementary insurance your foreign employees are entitled to additional reimbursements that are particularly interesting to them, but which are not reimbursed under the compulsory public healthcare insurance. The reimbursements of our supplementary insurances are listed below:


Reimbursement HollandZorg  No Risk I No Risk II
Compulsory excess as defined in the public healthcare insurance (€385,-) 100%  
Emergency dental treatment in the Netherlands


maximum € 200 per calendar year

Repatriation for medical needs within geographical Europe   100%

Transport of the body within geographical Europe

Voluntary excess   100%


For more information, please view our online reimbursement schedule or read our insurance conditions (PDF)

Premium payment health insurance foreign employee

You and the foreign employee agree that the health insurance premium will be deducted from his salary, regardless of whether he only works a day for you, a week or a number of months. The administration is conveniently arranged via the employer's portal. Your employees' premiums are payable to HollandZorg in retrospect, on a monthly basis. To that end we will send you a digital invoice.

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