Medically necessary repatriation

No Risk I
No Risk II

What is covered?

You are entitled to transport of yourself and the organisation of such transport:

  • from the country you are temporarily staying in to the Netherlands or your country of origin;
  • from the Netherlands to your country of origin.

The country where you are temporarily staying and your country of origin have to be in geographical Europe. Transport of family members and other travel companions does not fall under this. Furthermore, there has to be a medical need for the transport.

A medical need arises if, in our opinion, treatment in your country of origin is medically required because it is difficult to obtain locally or is medically irresponsible or because local treatment is more expensive than in the Netherlands or your country of origin. Social reasons such as family reunion and language problems are not included.

You retain entitlement to this cover for a 14-day period after termination of your supplementary insurance.

What should you keep in mind?

We will arrange the repatriation. To that end, you or your representative has to contact the HollandZorg emergency line: +31 (0)570 687 110.