At HollandZorg you are eligible for healthcare in Holland and abroad

Healthcare in Holland and your country of residence

With a HollandZorg policy, you are entitled to healthcare both in the Netherlands and in your country of residence. Here, we will explain all.
HollandZorg insurance covers healthcare in Holland and abroad

Healthcare cover at home with S1/E106 form

If you live in a treaty country and you have taken out HollandZorg Public Healthcare Insurance, you can ask HollandZorg for the so-called S1/E106 form. This form is a declaration that says you have Dutch health insurance and that you are therefore also entitled to medical care under the regulations of your country of residence. You are also entitled to all care covered by the healthcare policy of the HollandZorg Public Healthcare Insurance. The reimbursements of this healthcare in your country of residence are according to Dutch criteria. Costs are not always reimbursed in full, depending on your country of residence.

Important to know:

  • once you register a resident at your municipality in Netherlands (Dutch primary registration people (BRP)), your S1/E106 form will no longer be valid.
  • once we receive your application, we will generate your S1/E106 form. You must hand your S1/E106 form in to the health insurance company in your country of residence as soon as possible.
  • The S1/E106 form is valid from the start date to the end date of  your HollandZorg health insurance policy.

Healthcare insurance through your employer?

As a Flexpolis policy holder, you have taken out health insurance through your employer. You can request the S1/E106 form through them. You will receive the S1/E106 form in your personal online environment, My HollandZorg.

Healthcare in country of residence for co-insured family members

Is your country of residence a treaty country and do you want your family members included on the policy of your Dutch health insurance? When you contact the healthcare insurer in your country of residence and show the S1/E106 form, this insurer will tell you which family members can be co-insured. Read more about co-insuring family members.

Healthcare in EU/EEA countries and Switzerland with your EHIC

When you take out HollandZorg public health insurance, you automatically receive a digital European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). You can download it in My HollandZorg, our secure online environment. The EHIC entitles you to (partial) reimbursement of the costs for urgent medical care during a temporary stay in:

  • 27 EU countries
  • Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland
  • United Kingdom and Switzerland

It concerns the costs that are covered by the public healthcare insurance in the Netherlands.

Note: You cannot use the EHIC for healthcare in your country of residence. For that, you will need an S1/E106 form.

Healthcare in EU/EEA countries and Switzerland for co-insured family members

Do your co-insured family members reside in an EU/EEA country or Switzerland? That means they can apply for an EHIC from the Health Insurance Board (Zorginstituut Nederland). The EHIC entitles them to urgent medical care in another EU/EEA country and Switzerland. That includes the Netherlands. Read more about the EHIC for you and your family.Among other things, the Health Insurance Board (Zorginstituut Nederland) is responsible for the administration of the Health Insurance Act and the Wlz for Dutch people on low incomes who reside abroad. Visit the website of the Zorginstituut Nederland for more information about health insurance abroad.