HollandZorg Flex Policy 2022

This page sets out all the important information about the Flex Policy for the year 2022.

Changes with effect from 01 January

The government determines the cover provided by public healthcare insurance on an annual basis. We have also made small changes to our product. The Changes 2022 document explains what will change with effect from 01 January.

  • Changes 2022 document English (PDF) 
  • Changes 2022 document Polish / Zmiany (PDF)
  • Changes 2022 document Romanian / Modific─âri (PDF)
  • Changes 2022 document Dutch / Wijzigingen (PDF)

An explanation of the Flex Policy 2022

Apart from the public healthcare insurance, the Flex Policy also has supplementary cover under No Risk I and No Risk II. The public healthcare insurance offers cover for the most necessary care, such as hospital admissions, urgent assistance and visits to the general practitioner (GP).

  • No Risk I covers the statutory excess of €385.
  • No Risk II reimburses:
    • Emergency dental care up to €200 per year
    • Repatriation within Europe in the event of medical needs or death
    • Reimbursement of statutory personal contribution for medicines

We have listed the Conditions of the Flexpolis for you. The conditions are available in Dutch (PDF) and in English.


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