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All information from your HollandZorg Healthcare Insurance before January 1, 2020 can be viewed here such as your policy schedule (s) and healthcare costs.


At the moment, you can only make changes by telephone via +31 (0) 570 687 123.
Soon a new and improved Mijn HollandZorg will be available for you. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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You have to enter your e-mail address and your password, in combination with your E-code.


Login using E-codes

First registration

In order to be able to log in to My HollandZorg, you need to use E-codes. You can generate these E-codes by means of a text message. If you want to log in for the first time, you first need to register your phone for the E-codes. During the registration process, you can select text message. As soon as the device is linked, you can simply log in using your e-mail address, password and E-code.


First registration

Link new device or forgot password

If you have a new device and you wish to generate E-codes with it, you have to register that device first. In that case, you can no longer use your old device to generate E-codes. Link new device or forgot password.