HollandZorg Public Healthcare Insurance 


Health insurance Netherlands with basic package of reimbursements

Do you reside or work in the Netherlands? In most cases, you are obliged to take out public healthcare insurance. This is a Dutch health insurance with a basic package of reimbursements that is the same for everyone. The content of the basic package is stipulated by the Dutch government on an annual basis. The public healthcare insurance in the Netherlands provides cover for the most necessary care, such as hospitalisation, emergency help and general practitioner.

Benefits of HollandZorg Public Healthcare Insurance

  • An attractive fixed premium
  • Premium discount for voluntary excess
  • You may choose any health insurer throughout the Netherlands.
  • Most invoices are sent directly to HollandZorg
  • Reimbursement of healthcare in your country of residence

Premium HollandZorg Public Health Insurance Netherlands

The premium for the HollandZorg Public Health Insurance Netherlands is €121,80 per month. The premium applies to every person obliged to be insured aged 18 or over. If you opt for a voluntary excess, HollandZorg will give you a premium discount for your public healthcare insurance. This discount can be as much as 15%! Find out more about the voluntary excess.


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HollandZorg Public Health Insurance reimbursements

With the HollandZorg Public Health Insurance, you are entitled to most of the necessary healthcare. Which type of care that is, is determined by the Dutch government. The public healthcare insurance reimburses the costs of, among other things:

  • General practitioner care
  • Medical specialist care
  • Medicines and medical aids
  • Obstetric care and maternity care
  • Dental care for insured up to the age of 18
  • View all public healthcare insurance reimbursements.

Medical costs under the public health insurance Netherlands

When you need healthcare covered by the public healthcare insurance, you may have to pay a compulsory excess and/or a statutory personal contribution. In that case, you are contributing to the costs of healthcare. Our online reimbursement schedule for health insurance shows, for each type of care, if you have to pay an excess or personal contribution.

Supplementary insurances for the HollandZorg Public Healthcare Insurance

Not everything is reimbursed by the HollandZorg Public Healthcare Insurance. For extra reimbursements, you can take out supplementary HollandZorg insurances. Select the supplementary insurance that suits your situation best.


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