payment in kind health insurance policy means you do not see any bills

HollandZorg health insurance in the Netherlands

The Dutch health insurance system has different ways of reimbursing the costs of medical treatments. Below, we will explain the type of reimbursement that HollandZorg offers.
HollandZorg health insurance Netherlands

Netherlands health insurance: payment in kind versus restitution policy

When you take out health insurance in the Netherlands, you have a choice of three types of policies:

  1. payment in kind policy or naturapolis, meaning you receive the medical care itself, not the money that pays for the medical care. Your insurer buys in the medical treatments for its insured, by contracting healthcare providers. If you visit a healthcare professional who is nog contracted by your insurer, you may have to pay (part of) the treatment yourself
  2. restitution policy or restitutiepolis, meaning you pay for the treatment yourself first, then claim the money back. You are free to choose any healthcare provider you like. Often, the premium for this type of policy is higher.
  3. any other policy is called a combination policy or combinatiepolis

HollandZorg insurance policies are combination policies. We provide the majority of healthcare covered by the basic health insurance plan on the basis of contracted healthcare. In exceptional cases, you may have to pay for a treatment yourself and can claim the costs back afterwards.

Choosing a non-contracted care provider

We have set up maximum rates for healthcare provided by care providers with whom we do not have a contract. If you go to such a care provider, the costs of treatment will be reimbursed up to a maximum. When the rates of the non-contracted care provider exceed our maximum rates, you'll have to pay the difference yourself. The maximum rates for non-contracted care are published and updated on our website.

Our Care Finder will help you find contracted care providers near you.