Payment arrangement healthcare insurance

Instalments for the payment of amounts is a possible solution.

It's possible you're temporarly not able to comply to payment terms. You are obliged to pay the Dutch healthcare insurance premium, wich can result in late payments. It's possible to request payment arrangement with HollandZorg healthcare insurance.

Maximum of two payment arrangements

Payment of premium and personal contribution are seperate financial processes. It's not possible to total all amounts in one payment arrangement. If you want to request payment arrangements for multiple processes, you can send them seperately. It's possible to request two seperate payment arrangements at the same time:

  1. Payment arrangement premium
  2. Payment arrangent personal contribution

Payment arrangement excess

It's also possible to request payment arrangement of excess. Please use te request form.

Things to know about payment arrangements

Anyone can request payment arrangements. If you choose to pay instalments, you agree with automatic collection of monthly terms. We can terminate the payment agreement when you don't pay your monthly terms. Leaving the remaining balance to pay at once. Also read the other conditions (PDF) that apply to a payment arrangement.

After recieving your application, we will review your request. You will recieve a letter with our decission to accept you for payment arrangent as soon as possible.

In our insurance conditions you can read more about the obligation to pay premium and the consequences if you neglect to pay.