Public health insurance

Obligatory insurance of healthcare costs

Everyone living or working in the Netherlands is required to take out a public healthcare insurance. The public healthcare insurance is a health insurance policy with a basic package of cover (reimbursements) that is the same for everyone.

Reimbursement of public healthcare insurance

Each year, the government decides the content of the public healthcare insurance. Among other things, the public healthcare insurance covers the costs of:

  • general practitioner care
  • medical specialist care
  • medicines and medical aids
  • obstetric care and maternity care
  • oral care for insured persons up to 18 years of age

Do you prefer more security? Then take out additional insurance with HollandZorg. You can choose from four additional insurances and two dental insurances. This way, you create the package that best suits your situation. That is reassuring, isn't it?

S1/E106 form

In the S1/E106 form, you declare to a healthcare insurer in your country of residence that you have a Dutch healthcare insurance. This entitles you to medical care in your country of residence. Read more about it here.

Discount on your premium with HollandZorg

Because of our arrangements with Kancelaria Podatkowa Anna Klosowska, you can benefit from a 5% discount on your public healthcare premium with HollandZorg.

Your benefit

  • 5% discount on public healthcare insurance
  • 10% discount on supplementary insurance
  • 10% discount on dental insurance