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Netherlands health insurance for foreigners

Are you a foreigner and coming to work in the Netherlands? Then you are obliged to take out Netherlands health insurance for foreigners. You can do this after you have registered as a resident of the Netherlands in the municipality where you live. You will get a ‘Burgerservicenummer’ (BSN), which you need to be able to apply for our insurance. Your employer can take out health insurance for you through our HollandZorg Portal. If you take out health insurance yourself, you can do this through our website.


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If you are insured through your employer, we offer al total package with extra reimbursements. We also have multilingual services. You could say we have a Dutch health insurance in English. If you take out Netherlands health insurance for foreigners yourself, you can choose from several supplementary insurances and dental insurances. This way, you can decide for yourself which type of care you want to be insured for.

European Health Insurance Card

If you take out our Netherlands health insurance for foreigners, you’ll receive an EHIC-card. With this card, you can get reimbursed for the costs of urgent medical care during a temporary stay in EU/EEA countries and Switzerland. You will not be fully reimbursed in all countries. The insurance package and cover differ from country to country. And although most hospitals are familiar with the EHIC-card, some other care providers may not be. So you may still have to pay for the care in advance. Afterwards, you can claim back the expenses with us.