Health insurance card becomes digital EHIC


The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is available in digital form. From 1 August 2020, you will no longer automatically receive a physical health insurance card from us.


You are used to receiving a health insurance card, with the EHIC on the back, if you are insured with us. From now on the EHIC will be available in a digital form via My HollandZorg (My health insurance, My health insurance card). This has a number of advantages. A digital EHIC is:


  • easy to save it to your phone;
  • you will always have it with you
  • is sustainable.

In the Netherlands, you do not need the health insurance card to see your GP or physician. It is sufficient to show your proof of identity and your citizen service number (BSN). The care provider can use these details to check that you are insured with HollandZorg.


Digital EHIC

Call the Emergency Centre if care is provided abroad

If you need care outside the Netherlands and outside your country of residence, it is important that you always call the HollandZorg Emergency Centre first. Our staff will tell you whether your request for care is ‘medically necessary’ and will therefore be reimbursed by us. They will also tell you which care provider you should contact. Are you going to a care provider without calling the Emergency Centre? If so, you may have to advance the amount or you may not be reimbursed for what you expect. You can contact the Emergency Centre via:


+31 570 687 112



  • You do not call the HollandZorg Emergency Center if you need care in the Netherlands. In that case, contact a GP, unless your situation is life-threatening.
  • You cannot use the EHIC for care in your country of residence. You can request an S1/E106 form for this via our website. If you are insured via your employer, your employer will request the S1/E106 form for you.

Right to reimbursement

The EHIC entitles you to (partial) reimbursement of the costs for necessary medical care during a temporary stay in:

  • 27 EU countries
  • Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland
  • United Kingdom and Switzerland

It concerns the costs that are covered by the public healthcare insurance in the Netherlands.


Digital EHIC

It sometimes happens that a foreign healthcare provider does not accept your digital EHIC.


In that case, contact the HollandZorg Emergency Centre again. They will send proof of insurance to the care provider. They will also tell you whether the care is (partially) reimbursed.


Apply for a physical card

Do you prefer a physical card? You can request this via My HollandZorg. You will receive the card free of charge within 10 working days at your home address. If you are insured through your employer, we will send the card there.


To My HollandZorg



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