Lost your health insurance card? No need to apply for one

Lost your health insurance card? Or do you want to apply for a (new) health insurance card because you want proof of your health insurance abroad? We are happy to explain when you need a health insurance card and how you will receive it.

When do you need a health insurance card

You don’t need to apply for a health insurance card to visit your general practitioner or doctor in the Netherlands. All you have to do is show proof of ID and your BSN. The care provider can use this information to check whether you are insured. When you go abroad, you must be able to show your health insurance card.

Applying for a health insurance card when you go abroad

You don’t need to apply for a health insurance card. Your digital European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is always available in My HollandZorg (under My health insurance > My health insurance card). Very convenient, because this way, you’ll never lose your health insurance card! With the European health insurance card you can prove in the EU that you are insured with us. We therefore recommend downloading the health insurance card before you go abroad. For example, save the digital pass on your phone, so you always have proof of your health insurance ready.

Why no physical health insurance card

You will no longer automatically receive a physical health insurance card from us. This has the following advantages.


You can download the health insurance card at any time via the Internet, so you will never lose it.

The card is easy to save digitally.

A digital EHIC is more sustainable than a physical card.

Reimbursement of care abroad

Under the public healthcare insurance, you are entitled to (partial) reimbursement of the costs of medically necessary care abroad, if that care is also covered by the public healthcare insurance in the Netherlands. The costs are reimbursed up to a maximum rate. With supplementary insurance, you will receive a (partial) reimbursement of the costs for emergency care that are not fully reimbursed under the public healthcare insurance. Whether you are reimbursed for all costs depends on the country where you are and your supplementary insurance. Please note: costs for care outside the EU can add up considerably, so keep in mind that not all costs may be reimbursed.

Always call the Emergency Centre (even if the care provider does not accept your health insurance card)

Need urgent medical care abroad? Contact the Salland Emergency Centre as soon as possible. You are only entitled to reimbursement if the Emergency Centre coordinates the care or transport. Our employees will tell you whether your need for care is ‘medically necessary’ and therefore reimbursed by us. They will also tell you which care provider is best for you. Going to a care provider without calling the Emergency Centre? In that case, you may have to advance the amount or you may be reimbursed less than expected. You can reach the Emergency Centre day and night on

+31 (0)570 68 73 33 (standard rate)

Within the EU, you can call 112 in case of an emergency.

What if the care provider does not accept the EHIC card?

Contact the Emergency Centre. They will send proof of insurance to the care provider. Travelling outside the EU? Call the Emergency Centre as soon as possible if you need care. The EHIC is not valid here.

EHIC temporarily still valid in the United Kingdom

For now, you can continue to use your EHIC for emergency care in the United Kingdom (UK). This is a temporary solution. The EU and the UK have yet to agree whether the EHIC will remain valid in the UK or whether there will be a new EHIC, for example, especially for the UK.