Flexpolis No Risk I, II en III

Healthcare insurance with additional supplementary insurance
No Risk III with physiotherapy and dental care.

There will be times in your life when you need more care or security

With No Risk III supplementary insurance, you also insure yourself for physiotherapy and dental care. You will find that both are a good addition to your current healthcare insurance.

You will only be able to access No Risk III via Insure to Study.

No Risk Flexpolis I, II en III

Changes with effect from 01 January: The government determines the cover provided by public healthcare insurance on an annual basis. The Changes 2023 document explains what will change with effect from 01 January.

 We have listed the Conditions of the Flexpolis for you. These are available in English.

Public healthcare insurance

Cover for basic care*, including: hospital admission, emergency care and general practitioner care
* this is the same for all healthcare insurers

Supplementary insurance No Risk I

Reimbursement of compulsory excess: €385.00

Supplementary insurance No Risk II

  • Emergency dental care up to € 200.00 per calendar year
  • Repatriation within Europe in the event of a medical need or death
  • Reimbursement of statutory personal contribution for medicines

Supplementary insurance No Risk III

  • Physiotherapy and remedial therapy: 6 sessions per calendar year. You require a referral from a doctor. You are entitled to full reimbursement of treatments by a care provider contracted by us.
  • Dental care: all dental care will be reimbursed up to a maximum of €250.00 per calendar year. A dentist can provide all types of care. This dentist does not have to be contracted by us.

See which healthcare treatments are reimbursed

We have put together a short overview of the healthcare treatments that are reimbursed under your public healthcare insurance and No Risk I, II and III. The overview also shows when you will be expected to pay a personal contribution.

See what will be reimbursed to you

Premium for No Risk III : € 11,00 per month

You will take out No Risk III with Flexpolis No Risk I and II. As of 1 January 2023, your monthly premium will be: € 156,20 per month.

It is easy to apply for No Risk III

Insure to Study will apply for Flexpolis No Risk I, II and III for you. If you are currently insured with HollandZorg and want to take out the Flexpolis with No Risk III, please notify Insure to Study of this by e-mail by 31 December 2022*. State the following in your e-mail:

  1. The subject of your e-mail: No Risk III
  2. Include your name and date of birth in the e-mail also of your family members**
  3. Send your e-mail to: info@insuretostudy.com
  4. Insure to Study will forward your application to HollandZorg

* You will not be able to opt to take out No Risk III during the course of the year, if you have already been insured with HollandZorg since 1 January 2023. You will be able to opt for Flexpolis No Risk I, II and III if you come to the Netherlands to work during the course of 2023 and are taking out healthcare insurance.

** Children cannot be co-insured on the Flexpolis No Risk I, II and III. You can take out HollandZorg basic health insurance for them.

You will receive your new policy at the beginning of January 2023

You will see your new policy in 'Mijn HollandZorg' by 10 January at the latest.