Flexpolis Reimbursements

You have taken out HollandZorg Flexpolis through your employer. Want to know which types of care are covered under the public healthcare insurance and the No Risk I, No Risk II and No Risk III supplementary insurances? Is there anything you need to pay for yourself? Allow us to explain.

Basic health insurance

Your basic health insurance provides cover for basic care as determined by the Dutch government, such as hospital admissions, emergency care and general practitioner (GP) consultations. HollandZorg basic health insurance is a combination policy. This means that most of the care you will use is provided for, rather than reimbursed. You can read more about how combination policies work here.

At the bottom of this page, you will find a short overview of common healthcare treatments, showing what is covered under the basic health insurance. Please consult our terms and conditions for a complete overview of reimbursements.

Supplementary insurances cover excess and more

No Risk I

Reimbursement Explanation
€ 385 You do not have to pay any excess.

No Risk II

Reimbursement Explanation
Emergency dental care in the Netherlands maximum of € 200 per calender year You will be reimbursed for care that cannot be postponed. This is care needed to relieve severe pain, or if you have trouble chewing. Check the list of treatments for urgent oral care (in Dutch).  
Reimbursement of statutory personal contribution for medicines of € 250 You do not pay a statutory personal contribution for medicines.

You are entitled to transport and the organisation of such transport:

  • from the country you are temporarily staying in to the Netherlands or your country of origin;
  • from the Netherlands to your country of origin.

There has to be a medical necessity for the transport. Transport of family members and other travel companions does not fall under this

Repatriation (transport home) worldwide in the event of death
You are entitled to transport of your mortal remains from the place of death in the Netherlands or the country you are temporarily staying in, to your country of origin. You are also entitled to reimbursement for the costs of organising such transport. The maximum reimbursement is €15,000.

No Risk III

Reimbursement Explanation
Physiotherapy and remedial therapy: 6 sessions per calendar year.
You will be entitled to full reimbursement of treatments by a care provider that has been contracted by us. A maximum reimbursement per treatment applies to treatments by a non-contracted care provider. You need a referral from a doctor.
Dental care: all dental care will be reimbursed up to a maximum of € 250 per calendar year
You will be reimbursed for dentist and dental hygienist check-ups and other treatments. The cost of dental care will be covered by No Risk III first. Once the maximum reimbursement amount has been reached, costs will be reimbursed from the cover that No Risk II provides for emergency dental care in the Netherlands. You will still be expected to pay costs that no longer fall under the cover provided by No Risk III and, subsequently, not under II either. A dentist can provide all types of care. This dentist does not have to be contracted by us.

Please consult the terms and conditions for a complete overview of reimbursements

Personal contribution

Under Dutch public healthcare insurance, you are obliged to pay a personal contribution for some medical expenses. Like maternity care and hearing aids, for example. The government decides to which care the personal contribution applies and how high the contribution is. You can find out whether a personal contribution is needed by checking the individual reimbursement page for your specific type of treatment.

If you are covered under our No Risk II supplementary insurance, you will not have to pay any personal contribution for the use of medicine.

Contracted general practitioner or doctor consultations
HollandZorg has negotiated contracts with care providers throughout the country. We have agreed standards of care and its costs. If you visit a non-contracted physician or care provider, you may have to pay for (part of) the treatment yourself. Want to know which medical professionals we have contracted? Use our care finder.

Short overview of healthcare treatments reimbursed under the public healthcare insurance:

For a complete overview, please consult the reimbursements page, showing what will be reimbursed per healthcare treatment.

Public healthcare insurance Statutory personal contribution
General care    
General practitioner care yes no
General hospital care yes no
Healthcare abroad 
Note: more information here
Urgent care during a temporary stay outside the Netherlands, medically required repatriation.
Always use the emergency centre.
urgent care and medically required repatriation: limited -
Physiotherapy and remedial therapy
Government approved medical disorders for patients under 18 yes no
Other disorders for patients under 18 maximum of 9/18 treatments no
Disorders determined by the government over the age of 18 from the 21st treatment no
Contraceptives yes, up to the age of 21 -
Dental care    
Dental care in special circumstances
(No Risk II reimburses emergency dental care in the Netherlands up to €200 per year)
yes yes
Labour and birth    
Home birth
yes no
Hospital birth with medical indication yes no
Hospital birth without medical indication yes yes
Hospital maternity care with medical indication
yes no
Home maternity care, or hospital/birth centre maternity care without medical indication
yes yes
Obstetric care before and after childbirth yes no
Maternity package no -
Mental healthcare    
Mental healthcare yes no