HollandZorg care service

Questions about care and care-providers
You can always contact us when you are in need of care. For example when you are expecting a child, when you need care in your residence country or in case of a waitinglist for hospital admittance. At HollandZorg we are glad to be of service. Our customer care is Dutch and English speaking.

Waiting list management

Are you on a(n) (excessively long) waiting list for healthcare or treatment and would you like to be seen to sooner? HollandZorg is happy to assist you. Among other things, we can mediate for outpatients treatment and hospitalisation.

Second opinion

In 2024, you will be entitled to a second opinion under the basic health insurance. This means you can visit a care provider for a diagnosis or advice other than the one who is treating you.

Direct contact

Health care services: +31 (0)570 687 123

Monday to Friday, between 08.00 and 17.00.

Closed on public holidays.

Assistance abroad: +31 (0)570 687 112 

You can e-mail us by means of the online contact form.

Are you expecting a baby?

Don't leave your application for maternity care too long. If you contact us before the 5th month of pregnancy, we will make sure you receive maternity care.

Finding a care provider

HollandZorg has made agreements with a large number of care providers in the Netherlands. Use our Care Finder to find a contracted care provider near you.

Healthcare in your country of residence

With your HollandZorg health insurance, you are entitled to medical care in your country of origin. Depending on your personal situation, your family members may be co-insured.

Healthcare abroad

Do you reside in an EU/EEA country or treaty country? The EHIC entitles you to urgent medical care in these countries during a holiday or business trip.

Note: the EHIC is not valid in your country of residence.