We'll help you find your way in the Dutch healthcare system

Need medical assistance? HollandZorg will explain when to go where.

What to do when you need medical care? 

  1. Are you in a life-threatening situation? If so, call 112, the national emergency number, immediately.

  2. If your life is not in danger but you do require medical assistance, please call your General Practitioner (GP).

  3. If the GP surgery is closed and your complaints are too serious to wait until the next working day, please call the out-of-hours surgery.



If you get ill ... Handy leaflet in 10 languages

The leaflet provides answers to questions such as: Where should I go when I am ill? And what can the GP help with? The leaflet is available in the following languages: 

English  Polish  Romanian  Bulgarian  Hungarian Spanish  Portuguese  Russian  Ukrainian


GP or out-of-hours surgery


When to call the GP:

If you need medical assistance and your life is not in danger. If necessary, the GP will refer you to other care providers or the hospital.

Make an appointment

Call the GP to make an appointment.

Where to find a GP

Find a GP local to you. Or find a GP using the Care Finder.

When to call the out-of-hours GP surgery

If no GP is on duty or available and your complaints are too serious to wait until the next working day, please call the out-of-hours surgery.

Make an appointment

The triage nurse (GP assistant) of the out-of-hours surgery assesses by telephone if you need to drop by or if you need to make an appointment with your GP during working hours.

Where to find an out-of-hours surgery

If you call a GP outside working hours, the telephone will automatically forward the call to the out-of-hours GP surgery. Alternatively, use the Care Finder to find one.


Do not go to Accidents & Emergencies straight away

First, call the GP or out-of-hours surgery. They will tell you to go to A&E if necessary. In the event of a life-threatening situation, call 112, the national emergency number, immediately.

Do not call the HollandZorg Emergency Centre

You should only call the HollandZorg Emergency Centre if you are outside the Netherlands and your country of residence and you need emergency medical care.

What to bring to the GP

If you need medical care, you can also see a care provider without bringing a health insurance card. Please bring proof of ID and your citizen service number (BSN). The care provider can use these details to check that you are insured with HollandZorg. If you are on medication, please bring a list of the medication you are on.

No need to pay a GP

A GP or physician always checks if you are covered by insurance. He does this using your citizen service number (BSN) or your name. Because you are covered by HollandZorg insurance, there is no need to pay the GP or hospital. We pay the medical costs to the care provider. If your medical costs are not covered by public health insurance or supplementary insurance or if your insurance contract is cancelled, you have to pay the medical costs yourself.

Sometimes, you pay excess:

  • If your employer has taken out insurance for you, your compulsory excess is covered by the Flexpolis, No Risk I. You do not pay any excess.
  • If you have taken out your own insurance, you pay a compulsory excess and you may have to pay (some of) the medical costs yourself.

You are not obliged to have a GP

We do advise you to register with a GP because then you know where to go when you need medical care. You may not be able to register because the GP cannot take on any new patients. You are not obliged to register with a GP. You can also ask for a single consultation in the event of occasional and acute medical care. In that case, the GP may charge a walk-in rate.

Our Medical Care Guide helps you out

Can’t find a GP or need a bit of support finding the right medical care? Bianca Beije, our Medical Care Guide, may be able to help you out. She can be reached during office hours on +31 (570)687123.

More information:

Healthcare in your country of residence

If you live in a treaty country and you have taken out HollandZorg Public Healthcare Insurance, you can ask HollandZorg for the so-called S1 form.

Healthcare during a stay in other countries

You may also need urgent care if you are abroad temporarily. Urgent care is medical care that you had not planned and that cannot wait.