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Here's how to pay for your premium and other invoices.

Paying your premium

On the first of every month, you will be paying your health insurance premium.

I've taken out my own insurance

You can pay by

  • direct debit
  • online transfer

I've taken out insurance through my employer

Your premium will be taken out of your salary. If you have any questions, ask your employer.


Are you transferring the money to pay an invoice or your premium by hand? Please send it to the following IBAN:

IBAN: NL89INGB0672544814
Account holder: HollandZorg

If you're transferring money from a foreign bank account, please use the following Bank Identifier Code:


Paying in installments

You can choose to pay the compulsory excess of € 385 for 2024 in installments. With this payment plan, you'll pay a fixed amount of € 38.50 per month over 10 months. This way, you can be sure you won’t have to unexpectedly pay a large sum towards your health costs. If, by the end of 2024, you haven't used up the entire compulsory excess of € 385, we will reimburse the money you are owed. This repayment will take place in May 2025.

You can sign up for payment in installments in My HollandZorg.