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Frequently asked questions My HollandZorg

How do I log into My HollandZorg?

You can log in safely using your e-mail address, password and a E-code you will receive in a text message on your phone.

To log in to My HollandZorg, you first need to register once. For this, you can use your telephone and relation number. Also you need your BSN.

If you have a Dutch telephone number, first fill in the country code of the Netherlands and then the telephone number without the first '0'. Thus: +316xxxxxx.
If you have a Polish telephone number, first enter the country code for Poland and then the telephone number without the first '0'. Thus: +4812xxxxxxx.

After you have entered your telephone number, you will receive an E-code by SMS on your phone. Fill in this E-code and your registration is ready. You can now log in.

Where can I find my relation number?
At the start of your health insurance, you received an email from us stating your relation number. Your relation number is also stated on your policy schedule.
Your relation number is a unique number that does not change. Your policy number does change when you take out new health insurance with us.
I am unable to log in. What could be the reason?

You must first register once before you can log in. At the question "how do I log in" you will find more information about this.

Did you already register but do not receive an E-code on your phone when logging in? Please try again later.

Is there an instruction of My HollandZorg in English, Polish or Romanian?
Instructions for My HollandZorg are available in English, Polish and Romanian.

Frequently asked questions about my healthcare insurance

Will I receive a health insurance card?

If you need medical care in the Netherlands, you do not need a health insurance card. Please bring proof of ID and your citizen service number (BSN). The care provider can use these details to check that you are insured with HollandZorg.

You will need a digital European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) if you need care outside the Netherlands and outside your home country. In such cases, always call HollandZorg Emergency Centre on +31 (0) 570 687 112. You can find your digital EHIC in My HollandZorg. Download the digital EHIC to your telephone to have it with you at all times.

Where do I apply for an S1 form?

You are insured via your employer: Your employer will request the S1 form for you. After that, the S1 form is ready for you in My HollandZorg. You can find the S1 form under 'Messages'.
You have arranged your insurance yourself: you request the S1 form via: +31 (0) 570 687 123. We wil send you the S1 form by email.

With the S1 form, you can co-insure your partner and children, if they live in a treaty country and do not have their own income. You take this S1 form to the health insurer in your country of residence. This health insurer will determine which family members can be co-insured.

Where do I apply for an E104 (proof of insured period)?

You are insured through your employer: Your employer will apply for the E104 form for you. Your employer can download this and give it to you.
You have arranged your insurance yourself: you can request the E104 form via: +31 (0) 570 687 123. We will send you the proof by email.

For your information: With an E104 form you can show in EU/EEA countries and Switzerland that you have been insured for your medical expenses in the Netherlands during a certain period. We will only issue the E104 form if your insurance policy has been terminated

How can I register with HollandZorg and how much time do I have?

There are two ways of registering with HollandZorg:

  • Individually; you can take out our public healthcare insurance and supplementary insurance online;
  • Through your employer; this is possible only when your employer has taken out a group contract with HollandZorg.

You should register as soon as possible, but no later than four months after you join the service of your employer.

If your employer does not have a contract with HollandZorg, you can ask for it. Ask your employer to contact HollandZorg

I am going to stop working. Can I stay insured with HollandZorg?

You qualify for Dutch health insurance if you work for a Dutch employer in the Netherlands or if you reside in the Netherlands. If you reside in the Netherlands, you must be registered with a Dutch municipality.

If you stop working and do not reside in the Netherlands, your health insurance terminates by operation of law. You cannot take out Dutch health insurance.

If you stop working and reside in the Netherlands, you are obliged to take out Dutch health insurance. You can continue your health insurance when you are insured with HollandZorg.

Can I co-insure my partner and children abroad?
When your partner and children reside in a treaty country and they have no income of their own, you may be able to co-insure your family members. For that, you need an E106 form. You take this form to a healthcare insurer in your country of residence. This healthcare insurer determines which family members can be co-insured. For co-insured family members aged 18 or over, you will pay a contribution to the Health Insurance Board in the Netherlands. Read more about co-insuring family members.
Can I recover my medical expenses after an accident?
Did you need medical treatment after you had an accident? If someone else is liable for the accident, then it may be possible to recover the loss from the other party. In that case, the medial expenses are a loss for HollandZorg, which may also be recovered from the other party by HollandZorg. Find out more about loss after an accident.