Recovering the loss caused by an accident

Losses can be recovered

Were you involved in a traffic accident or an accident at home or at work? Did you need medical treatment?

If someone else is liable for the accident, then HollandZorg will try to recover the medical expenses from the other party. You cannot recover medical expenses from the other party yourself, but you can recover the costs you have to incur. They include medical expenses not covered by your Dutch health insurance.

Did you suffer a loss after you had an accident? Notify us accordingly by means of our accident claim form


Recovery service

In case of accidents for which another person is (co-)liable, it is in many cases possible to recover (part of) the damage from that other person's insurance company. Pedestrians and cyclists in particular can still claim part of the damages, even if the accident is mainly their fault. If you do not have an advisor, HollandZorg can put you in touch with an independent personal injury lawyer for a free initial consultation with no obligation. This person can assist you in recovering your costs. Would you like to use our Recovery Service? If so, please indicate this via the accident claim form.


Options to recover various types of loss