Dental insurance

Reimbursement of dental care
Insured up to the age of 18 are entitled to reimbursement of most dental costs by virtue of your compulsory health insurance in the Netherlands. If you are 18 or older, you can take out supplementary insurance for dental costs with HollandZorg. You can choose from two different dental insurances. Each type of dental insurance reimburses 75% of all costs, subject to a maximum amount per year. Select the dental insurance with the reimbursement that suits you best.

The HollandZorg dental insurance can be taken out only in combination with the HollandZorg Public Healthcare Insurance.


Benefits of HollandZorg dental insurance

  • Attractive monthly premium
  • Reimbursement of nearly all types of treatment (with preformance code), including technical costs
  • Urgent oral care abroad included under the policy as a standard
  • Reimbursement of orthodontia (braces) for children up to the age of 18
  • Reimbursement of statutory personal contribution for dentures

Choose your dental insurance

View our dental insurances and choose the maximum reimbursement that suits your personal situation.


Dental insurance

Monthly premium

Maximum reimbursement

HollandZorg TandExtra


75% up to a maximum of €250,- per calendar year

HollandZorg TandPlus


75% up to a maximum of €500,- per calendar year


Go to the online health insurance reimbursements schedule or read our insurance conditions for a complete overview of all reimbursements under the public healthcare insurance and our dental insurances.

Right to emergency oral care abroad

Are you abroad and do you need dental care that cannot wait until you have returned to the Netherlands? With the HollandZorg dental insurance you are entitled to a reimbursement. In that case, the cover of the dental insurance is limited to treatments that appear on the List of Emergency dental care (PDF).