Supplementary insurance

Extra reimbursements for the public healthcare insurance
With the compulsory public healthcare insurance in the Netherlands, you are entitled to most of the necessary healthcare. Supplementary insurance offers you more security. 


Please note! If you take out a new HollandZorg public healthcare insurance that commences before 1 January 2021, you can still choose from supplementary (and/or dental) insurance. If the healthcare insurance commences from 1 January 2021, you can only take out the HollandZorg public healthcare insurance. If you are already insured with HollandZorg and have supplementary (and/or dental) insurance already, this can continue in 2021.


Our supplementary insurances for those who stay in the Netherlands for one year or more, or if group insurance through your employer is not possible: 


Supplementary insurance


Monthly premium in 2021  
Start € 5,85 Additional assurance for people who make little to no use of healthcare.
Extra      € 9,00

Supplementary insurance with extra reimbursements for, among other things, physiotherapy.              

Plus        € 20,50

Comprehensive supplementary insurance for people with children or who want to have children. Also for people who are looking for comprehensive reimbursements for physiotherapy and prevention.

Top        € 38,50

The most complete insurance for people who do not like surprises or who make regular use of healthcare.


You can take out separate dental insurance for reimbursement of dental costs.