Second opinion

A second opinion involves approaching a care provider other than the care provider from which you are being treated for a diagnosis or advice.


The other care provider will be operating in the same field as the original care provider. If you decide to obtain a second opinion, you will continue to be treated by your original care provider.

Referral required

You need a referral from your general practitioner or attending physician. The referral will remain valid for a period of twelve months, commencing on the day the referral was issued.

Reimbursement second opinion

Under HollandZorg public healthcare insurance, you will qualify for reimbursement for a second opinion.
Public Healthcare Insurance Reimbursement
HollandZorg public healthcare insurance 100%

Statutory personal contribution

No statutory personal contribution will apply for a second opinion unless a statutory personal contribution applies for the care. In this situation, a statutory personal contribution will apply for the second opinion too.

Policy excess

Are you 18 or older? The costs of a second opinion will count towards the policy excess if the policy excess applies for the care in question too. If there is no policy excess for the care, there will be no policy excess for the second opinion either.

Who may provide this type of care?

You will be able to receive a second opinion from a care provider who is operating in the same field as the care provider from which you are receiving treatment.

Please note

The information on this page is a brief outline of the reimbursements only. No rights can be derived from this page. You can only derive rights from our insurance conditions.

Your health insurance

In MyHollandZorg you will find all information about your health insurance policy. 

Reimbursements, conditions and regulations 2022

Maximum rates for a non-contracted care provider

If, for care included in the public healthcare insurance, you choose a healthcare provider with whom we have not made any agreements, the rates in the Rate list for non-contracted care will apply. Do the rates charged by the non-contracted healthcare provider exceed our maximum rates? In that case, the difference will be payable by you. This will apply for reimbursement both under the public healthcare insurance, and the supplementary insurance.

Where to go for healthcare

Use our care guide to find a (contracted) care provider near you. For more information, contact customer services on +31(0)570 687 123. Our expert employees will be happy to help you.