Lens implants

During a lens implant, an 'extra' lens is implanted in your eye. This lens will be there permanently. If you have lens implants, you may never have to wear glasses or contact lenses again.

Reimbursement of lens implants

Under your public health insurance and supplementary insurance, you qualify for reimbursement for lens implantations in some cases.

For certain medical indications, you may receive reimbursement under the basic health insurance for lens implantations. Examples include cataract surgery or contact lens intolerance. The medical indication must be demonstrated by the referral from the GP or medical specialist. You need our prior consent for reimbursement under the basic healthcare insurance.

If a multi-focal or toric lens must be fitted and this is not reimbursed under the basic health insurance, there is a possibility the (additional) costs are reimbursed under the supplementary insurance.

By virtue of the supplementary Top insurance, you are entitled to reimbursement of lens implants. This reimbursement also contains additional costs of lens implants that are covered under the basic health insurance, but which are not fully reimbursed by the basic health insurance.

Basic Health Insurance       Reimbursement
HollandZorg basic health insurance  100% (in case of a medical indication, and with a contracted care provider)
Supplementary insurance  Reimbursement 
Plus  none 
Top  max. € 500 for the total treatment of both eyes for the entire insured period
No Risk I  none
No Risk II  none 

Personal contribution

Lens implants are not subject to a statutory personal contribution.

We reimburse lens implants subject to a maximum amount per calendar year. If the costs of the lens implants are higher than the maximum reimbursement, the difference will be for your account.

No excess

If you are 18 years or older, the costs for reimbursement by virtue of the public healthcare insurance count towards your statutory and voluntary excess.

The costs for reimbursements by virtue of the supplementary insurance do not count towards your excess.

Who can you go to?

If you need lens implants, you can go to a hospital or eye clinic. Our Care Guide helps you find a care provider near you.

If you are planning on seeing a care provider with whom we have not concluded an agreement for audiological care, the rates of the rate list for non-contracted care apply. If the rates of the non-contracted care provider are higher than our maximum rates, the difference will be for your expense.

For more information, please call our Care Advice Line on +31(0)570 687 123. Our expert staff will be pleased to answer your questions.

Please note:

The information on this page is a brief outline of the reimbursements. No rights can be derived from this page. You can only derive rights from our insurance conditions 2024.

Your health insurance

In My HollandZorg you will find all information about your health insurance policy. 

Maximum rates for a non-contracted care provider

Have you chosen a healthcare provider with whom we have no contract? Then, we will reimburse according to our maximum rates for 2024. If the rate invoiced by the non-contracted care provider is higher than our maximum rates, you will have to pay the difference yourself. You will be able to find contracted care providers with our Care finder.

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