Claiming an international invoice

Been abroad on holiday and needed medical care? That isn’t much fun and the last thing you need is a lot of hassle with your claim. That is why this page explains the best way to submit a claim, so we do not have to ask you for more information later on.

Incurring medical expenses whilst abroad

There is always a possibility you need medical care whilst abroad. The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) entitles you to (partial) reimbursement of the costs for necessary medical care during a temporary stay in:

  • 27 EU countries
  • Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland
  • United Kingdom and Switzerland

It concerns the costs that are covered by the public healthcare insurance in the Netherlands. In most cases, the healthcare provider will send the invoice directly to us. In some countries however, the health insurance card is not recognised as an EHIC. In that case, contact the HollandZorg Emergency Centre. They will send proof of insurance to the care provider. They will also tell you whether the care is (partially) reimbursed. You can contact the Emergency Centre via:


+31 570 687 112

Claiming an invoice

In order for you to be able to claim an invoice, it has to be drawn up in English, French, German, Spanish or Turkish. If that is not the case, we need a translation from a certified translator. The invoice needs to state the following details:


  • Name, address, domicile and profession of the healthcare provider.
  • The date of the invoice and the date on which the healthcare was provided.
  • A description of the healthcare provided.
  • Name and date of birth of the insured.

When you submit the invoice, we also need a claim form. You can choose from the following forms:


International claim form

Note: when submitting a claim for an international invoice, the process is different compared to a Dutch invoice. When submitting a claim for an international invoice, you also have to complete the back of the claim form. Send this form, along with the original invoice and a translation (if appropriate) to:



Attn. dept. Verstrekkingen/groep verzekerden

Antwoordnummer 30

7400 VB Deventer


No stamp required.

Healthcare in your country of origin

If you need healthcare in the country you live in (only 27 EU-countries, Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland, United Kingdom and Switzerland) when you are not in the Netherlands, you can opt to give the healthcare provider in your country of residence an E106/S1 Form. In that case they will not give you an invoice, so you do not have to claim anything once you get back home. This is not compulsory, as you can also use the EHIC.